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Talking Tom is a favorite hero of many kids and adults. This amusing cat loves to chat and have fun. This time, however, the little troublemaker was robbed. <strong>Talking Tom Gold Run</strong> is the chase, where the hero tries to get a thief and all his gold back.<br/> <br/> <b>How to play</b><br/> Collect gold coins placed all around the street. <br/> Press the UP arrow to jump over the obstacles. <br/> Press the RIGHT arrow to gather coins on the right. <br/> Press the LEFT arrow when you need to go to the left.<br/> Press the DOWN arrow to slide under “Road closed” signs. <br/> Grab cookies on your way.<br/> Do not bump into objects on your way.<br/> Keep an eye on the road and react quiclky.<br/> <br/> <b>Upgrades</b><br/> To run faster, get some cool upgrades. Purchase different stuff for the coins you have gathered. Diverse accessories help you to run faster and improve maneuverability. You can use: <br/> Skateboard - 100 coins.<br/> Roller-skates - 200 coins.<br/> Rocket - 300 coins.<br/> Flying carpet - 400 coins.<br/> Hoverboard - 500 coins.<br/> <br/> <b>Game features</b><br/> If you need a reason to run the <b>game</b> right now, we have the entire list. <br/> Awesome colorful graphics.<br/> Interesting <b>game</b> locations, including new side world called Medieval Town. <br/> Original roads and obstacles in each world. <br/> Favorite heroes: the entire Tom’s squad - Talking Angela, Talking Ginger and others. <br/> Breathtaking adventure race. <br/> Dozens of coins and cookies to collect. <br/> Excellent test for your quick reaction and attention. <br/> Enjoyable and fun way to spend your time. <br/> No age limitations.</p>

How to play: Use mouse or finger to aim and shoot

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